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Il-Shim Taekwondo

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What the instructor says:


Il-Shim Taekwondo

Working together to achieve success

Currently Il-Shim is run by Mrs Kiraleigh Duhan.


•5th Dan Black Belt

•Over 20 years taekwondo experience

•First aid trained

•Fully licensed, insured and enhanced DBS checked

•Poomsae judge qualification



I started my journey at 8 years old, as an extremely shy and unfit young girl. I was struggling with fitting in to a new school and didn’t really enjoy many sports. I joined Panther Taekwondo with my younger brother and was taught by brothers Chris and Russell Pearson (now a master 5th Dan and 4th Dan respectively). They eventually left to create their own club, Golden Phoenix Taekwondo, and we went with them. They encouraged me to believe in myself, and I really got into it. It helped that I had the little competitive edge of training with my younger brother. As time went on my confidence grew and my fitness improved. I never became a top athlete as that was not my goal, but it did help me to have faith in myself and my abilities. I went on to achieve my black belt at the age of 12.


From there I started to take warm ups in class and also helped newer students with their basics. It is because of my amazing instructors, that I have the love for taekwondo that I do now. I then went on to get my 2nd Dan at the age of 14. I was then successful at achieving my 3rd Dan a full 16 years later in November 2016. I went on to achieve my 4th Dan in November 2019. I recently achieved my Master 5th Dan grade in November 2023.


Taekwondo, for me, was a way to boost my confidence, learn how to protect myself and instil self-discipline. I feel that it offers that to anyone who embarks on the taekwondo journey. As a female, I felt learning a martial art would help me to feel that bit safer. My intention is to help others find that same sense of belonging in my club and as a member of the taekwondo community.


I started my teaching journey in 2014 and am lucky enough to have now started my own club. I look forward to offering the safe and friendly environment I enjoyed from the clubs I trained and worked with.

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